YouTube Video - Where Do I Begin?

I’m aware that video is a great way to promote my business or practice but where do I begin? Do I create tutorials? Do I create commercials about my business or practice?


The first step is to review the questions that your customers or clients ask you on a regular basis. We then create a videos based on these questions. We start with a short “about you” intro, followed with a segment on how you can help solve their problem.

Should I host videos on my website myself or should I upload them to YouTube?

All of your videos should be hosted on You Tube. You Tube is owned by Google, the largest search engine company in the world. YouTube utilizes search engine indexing so that your videos can be found easily on the web. YouTube’s servers stream your videos a high rate and also support full high definition presentations.

Can I upload my videos to Facebook?

Yes! Presenting your videos on your business Facebook page will generate interest in you and your business. After watching your videos people will most likely “Like” your Facebook page, as a result your page will become more visible in the Facebook community.

How many videos should I make? Is just one or two good or should I make more?

YouTube and Google reward you for consistently putting up fresh new video content. That means you need to create video on an ongoing consistent basis. That will help you create a following of people who:

  • Look forward to viewing your videos
  • Comment on them
  • Begin discussions about them
  • Like them
  • Share them
  • Embed them on their own websites

When you create consistent new and different video content, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines will reward you over time for doing that. You’re actually providing a great service to your clients and consumers by putting out great new video content each day, week, month; as often as you can.

How often should I upload videos to the web?

The answer is as often as you possibly can. At Rhode Island Multimedia we suggest that you start with a package of 4 videos then upload them to YouTube and your Facebook page. You should also embed your videos into your website, this is accomplished by using YouTube’s embedding code and then placing the code into different web pages in your site. Rhode Island Multimedia will work with your website designer to implement this task.

We suggest a plan of producing 2 additional videos every 3 months, this will help drive great search results with fresh content that will keep your potential clients or customers engaged and informed about how you can help them with any issues or questions. Over time you can build a portfolio of a hundred videos or more, the result will be an extremely successful campaign because your videos will appear throughout the web from free, organic search results. Greater exposure translates into more clients or customers, it’s that simple.

How do I get people to come to my website or contact me after watching my video?

Every video you create must have a call to action. This is a short message telling a viewer that they can call you or find additional information on your website.

Do I have to hire Rhode Island Multimedia to make a video or can I just do it myself?

You can always try and learn how to be a video producer, video editor and video publisher. It takes years to master the art of video production and do it well. The real question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to learn a new trade and have the time, desire and energy to learn how to do it all yourself?

You could learn how to fix your car when it breaks down, you can also learn how to fix your furnace when you have no heat. At the same time you could learn how to repair your roof, plumbing and house wiring. You can of course learn to do all this on your own.

Otherwise, you can focus on what you do best, which is run your practice or business and serve your clients or customers to the best of your ability. That’s why you should engage Rhode Island Multimedia. We have over a dozen years of experience in on-line video marketing.

I have a friend or relative that shoots video for fun. Isn’t that enough to make a video for my practice?

Almost everyone owns a video camera and can upload a video to YouTube or Facebook. Professional video requires a full array of processes ranging from a professional video shoot to professional equipment, proper lighting, editing, scripting, graphics and music. You have to ask yourself, can the local kid down the street, a high school student or a relative with video as a hobby give you a professional presentation that will reflect a positive image of your practice?

Shooting amateur video today is cheap and easy, buy a video camera at Walmart, place it on a tripod and press the record button. What’s not so easy is making sure that the video is shot in high definition, the quality is excellent, the audio is crystal clear, and the lighting is professional. Then you’ve got to create a meaningful message, the video has to be interesting.

When producing your video we gather your information and then write the script, shoot the video, edit the video and upload it to YouTube and Facebook and then embed it into your website.

After the videos are edited and before uploading to your YouTube channel they have to be optimized so that search engines like Google can rank them in a favorable position. Search engines recognize your content by the creation of a meaningful headline, an interesting description, relevant keywords and a riveting thumbnail.

Can I do Search Engine Optimization on my own?

When a prospective client comes into your office and asks you whether they should try their case on their own, do you respond with “Of course you can. I think it’s a fantastic idea.”

The reality is unless you are an expert and know exactly how to do search engine optimization for your video content, we highly recommend letting Rhode Island Multimedia, who does this for a living do it for you.

Are there any other ways to promote my video online?

Yes, there are many ways to promote your video online. You can use paid methods to promote your video including pay per click and other promotions through social media as well as YouTube and Google. Should you do it? The answer is no. We always recommend creating professional video organically while keeping it fresh by adding new content to your existing and posting new video on a regular basis. Why would you want to pay Google and YouTube when you can create the best content consistently and rank highly in your profession without having to pay to do that?

Please be aware that there are times when you will want to promote your video through paid search to get greater visibility and more traffic to your website. But also remember that paid search is temporary. The moment stop paying for paid search your leads will dry up. That’s not a great long-term solution.