Television Commercial Production

3 Options for TV Commercial Production

There are 3 basic options for television commercial production. Your choice of options should align with your projected campaign and fit within your budget. Most local businesses choose option #1 for their TV spots but we have listed option #2 and #3 for businesses that may want to expand the scope of the production with a more complex commercial with expanded coverage. It’s important to work within your budget using quality and repetition as your main focus.

Option 1 TV Commercials

This TV commercial category is usually reserved for local businesses that wish to advertise their product or services cost effectively. Commercial footage is usually shot on location and then edited to include graphics, narration and music. Option 1 commercials are a great way to get your message to the community. Remember, repetition is the key to success. If your budget allows for it you should air your commercial as often as possible and at a time when most viewers are watching.

Option 2 TV Commercials

Option 2 commercials are usually more complex and often employ complex graphics and animations. Local talent or celebrities may also be used to help connect with viewers. Although more costly, option 2 commercials can pay large dividends if used in an effective manner. As always, repletion is the key to success.

Option 3 TV Commercials

Option 3 television commercials are shown nationally. Commercial production can be as simple as using a company spokesperson all the way to a full blown Hollywood production. Option 3 commercials often utilize professional actors or celebrities.

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