Web Video Production in RI, MA & CT

Rhode Island Video Production - Web Video

Web or Internet video is the fastest growing form of video delivery in the world. Every day businesses and organizations utilize video to present their message is a quick, decisive and economical way. Studies have shown that your site visitors are 70% more likely to stay on your site, watch your videos and click for additional information

YouTube, Vimeo and Social Media

In addition to embedding video on your website Rhode Island Multimedia uploads your video to YouTube, Vimeo and the Social Media like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. After the videos are uploaded they increase your SEO ranking using key words and phrases and links back to your website.

Video and Search Engine Optimization

A video uploaded to YouTube is 80% more likely to appear on the first page in Google. Descriptive text associated with your video will also be picked up in a search for your products or services. This makes video one of the most economical and powerful forms of media delivery.

Video length 30, 60 seconds or more!

Because Television commercials are relatively expensive compared to web video you are usually restricted to a 30 or 60 second commercial. With Web/Internet video you can extend the length of your production without incurring and additional delivery cost, and remember, web video is available 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

RI Multimedia and Web Video

Rhode Island Video Production by Rhode Island Multimedia serves Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA) and Connecticut (CT) We produce professional web / internet videos for distribution across websites, YouTube, Vimeo and all social media sites as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.
Drupal is the "Cadillac" of Content Management Systems. Drupal supports multiple user accounts and features enterprise level security along with the power to integrate with the most advanced business applications.
Wordpress has evolved from a basic blogging platform into a rich Content Management System often used for websites that don't require upper scalability and multiple user accounts. Wordpress's relatively easy learning cure has made it the platform of choice for many entry level web developers.
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