Professional vs Amateur Video

Your company's Image

You’ve invested considerable time and effort managing a company that provides goods or services to the community and also provides a livelihood for you and your employees. Your company is also a reflection of your core values and your standing in the community... that’s why it’s extremely important to use video produced by a professional. When you showcase your products or services with video in your website, social media, broadcast or cable television you want your viewers to see a quality production. A professionally produced video will accurately present your message to the world in a dignified, polished manner.

Inferior video causes harm

Nothing hurts your credibility more than an amateurish, shaky video created with inferior equipment, bad lighting and sound. Video produced with improper planning and thought can hurt your company’s image because it projects the wrong image to your viewers. Anyone can purchase a cheap camcorder and start shooting your company’s video, usually with disastrous results.

RI Multimedia video production

Rhode Island Multimedia produces videos with professional equipment, experienced videographers and then completes the project in the post editing phase by adding graphics, titles, voice-overs, music as well as special effects. We also provide script assistance so that your message is accurate and informative. RI Multimedia utilizes high-definition cameras that produce superior footage suitable for presentation on television, the internet, and DVD’s

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