Watch RI .com

How RI Multimedia Served This Client

WatchRI came to RI Multimedia with a request to create a unique website that features the ability to upload and view video content.  The site needed to allow for content management features, a graphic-rich design, and to perform well on all browsers.   Mobile is a critical requirement for the site, and customized programming was utilized for optimized video uploading and streaming on these devices.  The entire site works on tablets and mobile phones, as well as all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Drupal Content Management System:  The Drupal architecture ensures absolute reliability across browsers and devices.  Users are able to create/register new accounts, and are provided with a portal that displays the videos they uploaded, as well as necessary widgets to upload new video.

Video Galleries:  Videos that are uploaded by members may be associated with multiple categories.  Users may then navigate through these categories to see the particular content of their interests.  Behind the scenes, we programmed a creative and reliable solution to stream the videos to all devices, including smart phones.

Sponsor Listing:  WatchRI staff are able to easily create new display advertisements for their sponsors.  The display ads can be positioned on the site however WatchRI desires and can be easily removed from the page if needed.

Search Engine Optimized:  The site was programmed in a manner to ensure highest visibility and rankings for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  High rankings in the search engines greatly increase customer traffic to the site, which in turn results in increased sales!

Client Profile:  Watch RI .com is a site that features a collection of videos related to Rhode Island! Users may upload and view videos via their computer or mobile device. Sponsor display ads are included on the site.

Business Type:  Business Directories and Associations
Rhode Island