Rendine's Appliances

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How RI Multimedia Served This Client

RI Multimedia provides professional video production services, from the initial video shoot to post-production editing.  Nothing tells a story quite like video, and Web Commericials are an ever-important element of your business marketing strategy.   These videos may be available on your website as we as being stored on video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.  From there, videos may be shared across social media platforms like Facebook and Google+.

Rendine's Appliances hired RI Multimedia to produce a video that promoted a line of home appliances. We shot the footage on location at Rendine's appliance store in North Providence, Rhode Island

Editing:  RI Multimedia uses state-of-the-art non-linear editing software to splice the raw standard and B-roll footage into a well-flowing visual production.  This produced a pleasing final product that was able to effectively communicate highlights of this tour.

Voiceover:  We use experienced voiceover talent to overlay the video with a script that verbally tells the story and lends credibility & professionalism to the video.

Post-Production:  The video is then enhanced with polished graphics and titles/captions to finalize the product.

Distribution:  The completed video is uploaded to YouTube or other channels to be shared across the web on social media channels. This also provides a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost when linked back to the client website.

Inclusion in Website:  In addition to being distributed on social media, the video is also directly embedded on the client website to be viewed by website users.  The video plays in a professional "lightbox overlay" window to provide the best experience for the user.

Consider video as an important piece of your digital marketing strategy.

Client Profile:  Rendine's Appliances

Rendine's Appliances is an independent, family operated home appliance store located in North Providence, RI

Business Type:  Retail Sales
North Providence, Rhode Island