Propane Plus

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How RI Multimedia Served This Client

RI Multimedia provides professional video production services, from the initial video shoot to post-production editing.  Nothing tells a story quite like video, and Web Commericials are an ever-important element of your business marketing strategy.   These videos may be available on your website as we as being stored on video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.  From there, videos may be shared across social media platforms like Facebook and Google+.

Propane Plus wanted to get on board with this video marketing trend and engaged RI Multimedia to help them meet their goals.  We produced a humorous video ad per their requirements that highlighted their products and services.   This ad is used in their television marketing campain and is still regularly playing on TV!

Film Shoot:  We start by conducting an on-site video shoot using HD cameras and professional lighting equipment.  Our videographer doubles as a director of sorts, and is able to comfort and orchestrate the staff to get the best footage possible.  We also shoot a "B-roll", which is supplemental footage without audio that can be later used in editing to enhance the story.  

Editing:  RI Multimedia uses state-of-the-art non-linear editing software to splice the raw standard and B-roll footage into a well-flowing visual production.

Voiceover:  We use experienced voiceover talent to overlay the video with a script that verbally tells the story and lends credibility & professionalism to the video.

Post-Production:  The video is then enhanced with polished graphics and titles/captions to finalize the product.

Distribution:  The ad is aired on televison markets in Southern New England, as welll as uploaded to YouTube and other channels to be shared across the web on social media channels. This also provides a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost when linked back to the client website.

Consider video as an important piece of your digital marketing strategy.

Client Profile:  Propane Plus

Propane Plus is the leading full-service provider of propane and HVAC services to Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Propane Plus can we install your tank and schedule propane delivery, but also service your entire heating and cooling system and install any propane or natural gas appliances.

Business Type:  Energy and Environment
Rehoboth, Massachusetts