Newman Church

How RI Multimedia Served This Client

The staff of Newman UCC were previously using a "do it yourself" program called WebPageMaker to make edits to their otherwise static website.  This was a program saved locally on one of their computers that provided a not-so-user-friendly authoring experience, and created a risk of that one computer going down.  Additionally, the content that was generated from this program did not properly render on various browsers.

Newman came to RI Multimedia for a complete overhaul of their entire site, and provided requirements that would make their site viewable in all browsers/devices, as well as providing a more elegant solution to keep content fresh.

Some notable features RI Multimedia provided for this client include:

Drupal Content Management System:  Any authorized staff may now create content using a secure, user-friendly administrative interface.  They are able to perform these tasks using any browser connected to the internet (no more risk of a single computer crash!).  The Drupal architecture ensures absolute reliability across browsers and devices.

Groups and Events:  A customized feature was added to allow the staff to create "Groups".  These are groups of the congregation such as the choir, Haiti relief mission and Christian Education.  Each group may also have associated Events that appear on their dedicated pages. 

Photo Galleries:  The staff has the ability to easily create photo galleries of events that have occured at the church.  The photos display in a overlay window with a forward-reverse feature, making it easy to navigate through the photos and present them in a large, clear format.

Schedule of Worship Services:  Worship Services are entered using a repeating event feature.  Services scheduled in the near future are prominently displayed and chronologically sorted on the home page.  These events automatically expire off the page after the Service date.  This feature allows parishoners to quickly see the schedule of not only regular church services, but also details on special services such as Lent, Christmas, etc.

Staff and Committee Member Listing:  Newman is able to create and update listings of staff and board/committee members.  These listings provide individual profile pages for each member, including the contact information and a profile image.

Church Bulletins:  Newman's church bulletins, called "Newman News" are print articles created on a monthly basis by parishoners that highlight events and happenings at the church.  These bulletins are already in print form for distribution at the church and are mailed to members that can't travel.  Now, this publication is available online to reach a wider audience.  The staff uses a simple feature to upload the monthly bulletins to the site.  The newest version is highlighted on the website's front page with a link, and older versions automatically appear sorted in the archive page.

"Not So Static" Content:  Usually static pages such as information on weddings and the soup kitchen are included on the site, however may be modified over time with no developer involvement!

Social Media:  RI Multimedia created accounts for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that are integrated with the site as additional outreach channels for the church.

Client Profile:  Newman Church

Newman Church is a local UCC (United Church of Christ) parish. Located in the Rumford section of East Providence, they are an open and affirming church that welcomes all that choose to worship, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, status, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Business Type:  Churches
East Providence, Rhode Island