ATV Lodging Connection

How RI Multimedia Served This Client

ATV/Lodging Connection came to RI Multimedia with a request to create a new website to allow for content management features, a graphic-rich design, and to perform well on all browsers.  

Drupal Content Management System:  Any authorized staff may now create content using a secure, user-friendly administrative interface.  They are able to perform these tasks using any browser connected to the internet.  The Drupal architecture ensures absolute reliability across browsers and devices.

User Accounts/Profiles:  Campgrounds may register as users on the site, and provide a business listing to be displayed that contains photos and ability to associate with categories.  Once registered, the site administrator is notified of the new submission and is able to approve (or reject) the new listing.

Photo Galleries:  Via a secure and easy-to-use administrative interface, authorized staff may now create photo galleries on the site.  The photos display in a overlay window with a forward-reverse feature, making it easy to navigate through the photos and present them in a large, clear format. 

Search Engine Optimized:  The site was programmed in a manner to ensure highest visibility and rankings for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  High rankings in the search engines greatly increase customer traffic to the site, which in turn results in increased sales!

Social Media:  We created Facebook and Twitter accounts, and fully integrated these accounts into the site.

Client Profile:  ATV Lodging Connection

ATV Lodging Connection provides a directory of nationwide campgrounds that are friendly to ATV riders.

Business Type:  Business Directories and Associations
Nationwide Business Directory