Intelligent Website Design

Client Smart-Sites
Way To Grow child care center located in North Providence, RI needed a website that they could update and administer by themselves. RI Multimedia created a Content Management System site that enables users to login from any computer, anywhere and add new content or update existing content.
When auto body shop Auto Body Concepts needed a website with the power to upload customer photos, testimonials and the latest news, they called Rhode Island Multimedia. We created an easy-to-use system that met and exceeded their requirements.
When noted yoga instructor Coral Brown needed a website to showcase her services and events she reached out to Rhode Island Multimedia to create a website where she could update training schedules and event listings.
Reliable Collision in West Warwick, RI needed a website where staff could upload collision job photos and post news articles and events. Reliable Collision chose Rhode Island Multimedia to build a website that would meet these requirements.
Benefits of an Intelligent Website

Smarter web design is better

In this highly competitive market every business wants the highest page rank possible in Google, Bing, Yahoo and dozens of of other search engines. With our intelligent web design we build-in features that will automatically give your company the advantage in search engine page rank, customer usability and a self-service portal that will enable you to update, edit and add new content to your web pages. Add embedded video to the package and you have powerful tool that will help you beat the competition on all fronts.

Connect with your audience

A well-made video engages visitors and forms a personal connection that is impossible in any other medium. Videos can demonstrate your products or services and build trust and confidence with your viewers while conveying emotion and personality. A well produced video includes a combination of sound, images and graphics and will provide a good experience for viewers and make them more comfortable and familiar with your products or services.

Convert visitors into customers

The goal of every business website is to convert visitors into customers. Existing customers are also encouraged to purchase more goods or services. A website with high traffic doesn't do it's job if visitors go away without purchasing anything or contacting you for additional information. Our videos will grab your customer's attention, keep them interested and lay the path for increased sales. Businesses that use video on their sites have reported increased sales resulting in greater profits. Videos can provide much more information, in a shorter time, than text alone. Most people find it easier to absorb information when it’s presented in a video.

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that websites using embedded video rank much higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo? Much higher than sites with just plain text, a site featuring video is 60 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the dozens of other search engines.

Intelligent Web Design
Today's websites not only have to work Harder, they also have to work Smarter. Your site visitors expect the information that they need...Quickly and Easily. At Rhode Island Multimedia we build Smart Websites that enable you to update and add new content from any computer, anytime, anywhere.
Our Intelligent Web Design featuring our Content Management System allows you to update and add content yourself. Keeping your web content fresh and informative will keep visitors interested and motivated.
Intelligent Web Design also means better Search Engine Optimization. Google, Bing and Yahoo all love new, fresh and relevant content. Static web pages left unattended gradually diminish in page rank across all search engines, so that's why it's extremely important to keep them updated with fresh, new content. Our websites are also engineered to comply with all best practices outlined in search engine guidelines.