Corporate Video Production in Rhode Island

Corporate Video Production

What is Corporate Video?

Web Video is interesting and engaging for viewers. It also presents your message quickly and more efficiently than text or static images. In today’s business environment quality and speed are a must in staying ahead of the competition. Corporate video production by Rhode Island Multimedia will enable you to leap ahead of your competitors and remain there. Video search engine results have a 74% higher click rate than plain, standard text. Let’s see why video is essential for today’s marketing…

Why Video is Essential for Marketing

Most consumers now use the internet to search for products and services. We ourselves search the web for what we need day after day. Most of the time folks like viewing a video to learn more about products or services that they may be looking for. Potential clients or customers are all searching the web and you want them to find you quickly and easily. You want them to be interested in what you have to offer and corporate videos are the answer. A great thing about corporate video is that you are in charge. Corporate videos can be custom tailored to convey your message to your target audience, exactly and precisely.

Video Connects You With Your Target Audience

All videos created by Rhode Island Multimedia go through a rigorous production process. By the time your video is complete and ready to be presented the world, the real power begins. Your audience will now consider you company over others because you make a direct personal connection to your viewers. Corporate videos presented on the web are an exciting way of attracting the clients you want and need. In the world of business there are millions of companies; corporate videos set you apart from them. Powerful corporate videos are a fast, creative and affordable way of separating your business from the thousands of companies that don’t leverage the power of video on the web. Call today and learn how Rhode Island Multimedia can help your business with video.

Video search results have a 74% higher click-through than plain text results
Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results. Partly because the competition for video content is so much less than that of pure text pages, it can actually be easier to rank well with online video. From studies it was found that video content on average had about an 900-to-1 chance of making it to the first page on Google. That’s not exactly a safe bet, of course, but when you compare it to the 500,000-to-1 chances of text-based content, the odds suddenly sound a whole lot better.